Gain valuable insights into your account, transactions, and settings with our intuitive dashboard.

Take Control of Your Account

Collaborate Seamlessly

Effortlessly manage your team members, assign roles and permissions, and streamline collaboration on your payments and account management.

Refine Your Data

Enable your customers to securely save their payment information, providing a seamless checkout experience for future transactions.

Create Custom Payment Fields

Every business is different with unique workflows and data that needs to be tracked. Keep a record of all this data using custom fields.

Monitor Your Balance

Monitor and manage your account balance in real-time for a clear overview of your financial transactions.

Keep your data safe

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your information is safe with our easy-to-use security features, including Two Factor Authentication and user permissions.

Your Business at a Glance with Dibsy Dashboard

Streamline your operations, and drive your business to new heights